Having spent over 10 years in the web hosting industry in various roles, as well as being an experienced web developer, my goal is to bring a bit more transparency to the industry, how affiliate programs work, and how web hosting reviews trick you. I thoroughly test each web hosting company that is on this website (and many that aren’t because they don’t deserve to waste your time) in order to try and give you the most unique outlook on the different web hosts.

I personally go through all of the stages you would as a customer. I make calls and ask questions to sales departments, sign up myself, and test each hosting service for several months. My reviews take into account every aspect of the company: service, support, up time, price, reliability, and more.

Read through my web hosting reviews to see who I think is the best, and why they could be the best for you.

As explained above, I have over 10 years of experience in the industry. I have worked in sales and support departments for various hosts, and have also been a marketing and affiliate manager for two major web hosting companies. I am now a freelance web developer and work mainly on optimizing small business websites. I have seen much of what the industry is about and how the majority of web hosting companies receive such high rankings and reviews on other websites. There are reasons for this which I will explain further on the How Affiliate Programs Work page.
I want to help you find the best service for your website. The fact of the matter is there is no one best company for everybody. Your ideal host will not be the same as every other customer. I do as much testing as I can with every host as if I am just another customer.
I have never worked for any of the companies posted on this website. I do not want personal preference or past experience with any given company to impact my judgement on these reviews. The reviews on this website are written solely based on my testing of the companies and their services.

My top 3 overall web hosts are below

Why My Web Hosting Reviews?

Well, for one thing, I don’t like the way other reviews are written. They are all trying to get you to sign up for that company instead of trying to inform you what the host is really like. This does nothing for you except steer you in the direction they want. Their reviews are all designed to try and get you to sign up.

I write my reviews in an attempt to educate beginners. I want you to be able to make an informed decision after reading my reviews, not a decision based on which company is paying me the most money for your business. I want to help you find the right web host based on the following factors.