Every now and again I get people asking me to avoid having their website look like it’s “template based” because for whatever reason they think websites built on templates have a negative stigma. The truth of it is that there are plenty of good reasons to have a website be based on a template, and these positives heavily outweigh whatever negatives there are.

The first positive is the fact that it will save you a ton of time (and money) over getting a completely custom website built. Sure, a one off website can be built for you but it will cost you an arm and a leg compared to basing your website off of a template.

A template also gives your website a uniform, organized look and feel. If your website is an unorganized mess of content it’s not going to hold traffic for that long, let alone get repeat traffic. A template will give your visitors an easy understanding of how all your pages will be laid out.

Having your website built on a template also makes it incredibly easy for you to make changes. This will ensure you aren’t reliant on a programmer to make website updates for you. Being able to quickly and easily update your website on your own will help keep your users engaged by giving them fresh, unique content.

Sure, in the wrong hands a template based website could look like nothing more than a crudely thrown together website, but if enough time is put in a website based on a template can save you time, money, and frustration.