The Provo outage last weekend, and the subsequent questions being raised about the quality of support being received by customers has gotten me wondering – what do the employees think about the changes being made to HostGator? It’s been no secret that EIG’s buyout has had a huge negative impact, but customers are only one side of the story. I did some digging on as well as some other websites to see just what employees thought of working there.

What I found was not surprising, but might be a bit eye-opening for their customers. Everything below can be found on by searching for Hostgator employee reviews. If you want to read a more in-depth employee review you can find one at the bottom. I have left off any identifiable information because the person is still employed with HostGator.

To make a long story short, EIG has forced employees to get through as many support requests as possible, with a focus on quantity over quality.

“Management does not care, and it’s a negative place to be. The product they provide is a joke, and every change since EIG bought them out was for the worse. Pay is low, and not consistent among employees, promotions are weighed down by pointless bureaucracy and the work is monotonous and stressful. If you become good at your job you’re only met with roadblocks and wasted time. Kills the spirit of people who care.”

“The Hostgator division is quickly going downhill with low pay, people leaving for higher paying jobs as the economy gets better and the good ole boy Texas bro-ligarchy running everything, handing out raises and promotions to the people they like. If you’re a woman wanting to work here, this place is anathema to a promotion that will never happen, so look elsewhere and save yourself the trouble, or work in HR. They hold these town hall meetings, fly in the bigwigs from wherever, promise big changes …two months later and counting, no change other than more work, nothing in terms of the promised bonus restructure, they even took down the forum queries they said would be back up, ahem, shortly. So of course that means no questioning as to anything discussed in that meeting, out of sight out of mind”

“Allow me to paint: The life of the administrator:
We are calculated on 2 metrics: NPS score (the breakdown of this is listed above, so I won’t restate how it works), and a quota of tickets. Because of this numbers system, many people forgo basic troubleshooting skills and simply bandaid issues. That is, as a common example: your mysql server is down? Okay I restarted that for you. No research or investigation into why mysql was down in the first place. This pisses me off because as much as I try to help our customers, the quota system means that oftentimes I have to forget doing a good job and just fix the issue directly outlined in the ticket, rather than what’s actually wrong.
We also face the same problems with the internal tools. Our ticket system makes anywhere from 10-15 ajax calls every 5 seconds and is some of the least efficient code I have ever seen. It’s sad when your music (being streamed through either online radio or youtube and in a totally different web browser) starts to skip like a CD because you’re overtaxing the system opening a new ticket.
I’m really not sure what else to say. I’m extremely disappointed in what HostGator has become. I used to brag about where I worked. I used to enjoy what I did. Then, like sweeping darkness, EIG began changing everything little by little until now I find it hard to drag myself out of bed in the morning.
For the sake of everyone affected by the outage earlier today, please know that the apologies I sent were sincere. I hate seeing anyone upset, and I know Provo was forced upon each of you without warning (us too, unfortunately.)”