In the wake of the most recent EIG datacenter outage in Utah, leaving some customers down for over 24 hours, I am writing this open letter to EIG, specifically HostGator, BlueHost, and HostMonster who seemed to be having the biggest issues. The message is pretty simple:

Stop leaving your customers in the dark

I get it, I’ve been there when things go catastrophically wrong. You are trying your best to get everything fixed. After all, it does you no good when your customer’s websites are down. However, there is one thing that you seem to be forgetting in all this. Your customers are the reason you are so successful. They are the reason that you can own 50 or so different brands and dominate the web hosting market.

It is these customers that you are seemingly leaving out in the cold at this very moment. As far as I can see there has been no attempt made to even explain to customers the real reason for the outage, which is causing even more of an uproar. Don’t mistake your apology tweets and “we’ll be up shortly” messages to suffice when customers want, rather need, an explanation. Telling them to be patient is, quite frankly, insulting when you won’t even tell them what they are waiting for.

My plea to you is to be more transparent with your customers. People are understanding if you give them the opportunity to be. They are paying you their hard earned money, hundreds of dollars a month in some cases, in exchange for a service and they expect the service to be of a certain standard. When service isn’t up to par then the customers deserve to know why.

Hopefully this most recent outage and backlash from customers wanting to know what’s going on will open your eyes. Hopefully it will show you the importance of putting your customers before your profits, letting them know why their businesses have been down for 24 hours while your own websites are up and running without fault. I, for one, will not be holding my breath for this change.