affordable vps hostingI’ve gotten this question from my clients enough that I think it’s worth a post here. Pretty regularly, when I suggest that a client upgrades from shared hosting to VPS, their first question is about affordability. The short answer is yes, you can get affordable VPS hosting. The long answer is a bit more complicated than that.

VPS hosting is not like shared hosting. While most shared hosts advertise a slew of “unlimiteds,” VPS hosts will give you set limits on your resources, specifically disk space and bandwidth. This is because unlike shared hosting you are essentially purchasing your own mini-dedicated server. You are buying a whole partition of a server and you have set values on what you can use. If you choose a more affordable VPS hosting plan you will, of course, be given less resources.

The other thing you have to realize is that with an affordable VPS hosting package you are going to be your own administrator. While the company will ensure the hardware itself is functional and your account is active, you will be in charge of managing your own account. Many VPS companies do offer managed packages, but you won’t be able to find these for an inexpensive price.

VPS hosting is a significantly more powerful hosting option, and you have a lot to learn about managing a virtual private server. However, once you start learning you will quickly realize just how much more there is to hosting, and how much more you can get out of your website.

For those of you who are looking for affordable VPS hosting, this website is hosted with I’ve used them for years and their service is relatively inexpensive and reliable.