In my continuous testing of many hosts I opened up a live chat with GreenGeeks yesterday just to ask one basic question. I wanted to see how easy it would be for them to explain their renewal rates to me. Not surprisingly, the representative named Nick was unwilling and/or unable to tell me flat out what the renewal rates would be.

I acted as a disgruntled customer who was screwed over by a previous host with much higher renewal rates and I wanted to see in their terms where GreenGeeks’ renewal rates were explained. After a 16+ minute chat I was finally told that there is no explanation of renewal rates anywhere.

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I absolutely hate when companies are not forthcoming about their pricing structure. The fact that it isn’t explained anywhere in the terms really bothers me. They are just hoping that the increase in renewal rate goes un-noticed by customers so they can get the extra money come renewal time.

What’s worse is that the sales representative was either outsourced or didn’t care at all about speaking in a professional manner. I’ve dealt with enough outsourced support to know that this is almost certainly the case, however. This is not the type of company I want to be promoting on my website.