If you are new to web hosting, or need an easy to use content management system with a nearly unlimited amount of options, WordPress is one of the most popular options you will find. Pairing a WordPress installation with one of the best WordPress hosting companies below will ensure an easy, painless experience with getting a website started.

Choosing a WordPress host will give you the functionality you need at good prices. The hosts below all provide WordPress as a one click installation from their respective control panels, and since many people using WordPress are beginners who are looking to start a blog or something similar, they have reasonable prices.

Don’t be scared of WordPress as a content management system for a non-blog website. It is a very flexible system that allows you to create almost any website you can imagine. In fact, the website you are reading right now is run by WordPress using a modified theme and several plugins.

1WordPress Optimized Hosting WordPress Expert Support Full cPanel Access
Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Free Domain Name
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2Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Free Domain Name
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Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Free Site Builder
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WebHostingPad is my choice for the best WordPress host because they offer a very robust WordPress optimized hosting option. Unlike most other hosts that offer “WordPress Optimized” hosting, WebHostingPad has a separate group of servers that are specifically optimized for WordPress websites. These servers only host customers who sign up for their WordPress optimized hosting because they are specially made to run WordPress more efficiently. For more specifics on WebHostingPad’s WordPress hosting you can visit my WordPress Hosting Review.

Keep in mind that all of the hosts here are shared hosting options. WordPress can be largely database driven, and depending on your individual website’s functionality you may need to entertain the idea of stepping up to a virtual private server. It is rare, but there are occasions when WordPress websites outgrow what shared hosting can provide.