Unlike plenty of other “review” sites that shift hosts around based on the commissions earned for every sale they generate, I move mine around based on constant testing and reviewing what the company offers. Having said that, I have been giving BlueHost a pass because of how good they used to be, but I just can’t do it anymore. There are plenty of reasons for them being dropped, but the big ones are below.

1. Downtime: The BlueHost servers have been anything but reliable lately. Even their website (as well as other EIG sites hosted in the Provo datacenter) has been down. Most recently, on December 31st, the whole datacenter was down for at least an hour, meaning customers couldn’t visit their sites, nor could they get support from BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, or HostGator.

Rather than explain to customers what was happening, which probably would have been much more helpful, they only said there was a “temporary network issue” which doesn’t let anybody know what actually happened. To me, keeping customers in the dark about something they are paying for isn’t a great idea.

2. Prices: BlueHost follows the EIG mantra of offering low initial prices to get you in the door then renewing you at twice the cost. Of course, they don’t explain this anywhere on their home page other than with a (*) next to the price. Unless you do some digging in the terms you won’t find the renewal prices, but here they are.

bluehost renewal prices

They used to disclose this right below the price on the main banner, but ever since their website was redesigned with a more EIG feel it has been hidden away so you don’t realize that’s what the (*) means.

3. $99.99 Migration Services: This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. $100 to transfer a shared hosting account? Really? Even other EIG brands do this for free. There is no possible way to justify $100 to transfer an account unless it was a VPS or reseller account, which is the first thing that is restricted in the migration terms.

Companies like HostMetro, InMotion and plenty of others do this free of charge with less restrictions than BlueHost. It’s unbelievable to me that they think charging $100 to transfer a hosting account is ok.