choosing a web hostWhen you’re going through the process of choosing a web host you are going to have to take a lot into consideration. Web hosting companies can use a lot of marketing tricks to try and get you to sign up. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a web host.

1. Believing the word “Unlimited”

You are going to come across this a lot when searching for a web host. Plenty of hosting companies are going to offer “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, but this simply isn’t the case. There will always be stipulations in the terms of service that will limit your ability to use a large amount of disk space or bandwidth. Whether it be limiting your number of total files, the amount of space you can use on media files, or something else, you won’t get unlimited anything.

2. Cheap advertised prices

Plenty of web hosts advertise incredibly cheap prices on their websites. What they don’t advertise is their renewal prices. Most cheap web hosts increase renewals by 2 or 3 times the price at which you sign up. They do this in an attempt to trick you into renewing your account without knowing that you’re paying that much more for a service that doesn’t need to cost that much.

3. “Free” trials

When signing up for a host you may be offered several “free” trials for services they offer. My advice to you would be not to sign up for any of them. More often than not these services will be set to automatically renew after the free trial period. If you choose not to cancel these services then you will be billed for them automatically. Just another tactic for cheap hosting companies to make more money off of you.

What it all boils down to is making sure you read the terms of service. I know it’s a huge pain, but this is where companies put all the valuable information you need to know about the limitations you have when signing up. You should also not be afraid to ask questions. Sales departments are there for a reason and they should be able to give you the truth about their company. If they seem deceptive or sound like they’re hiding something walk away and find a more honest host.