In the wake of the most recent EIG outage a few weeks ago, thousands of businesses found their websites down for hours, effectively shutting them down until “further notice” according to the hosting companies. Among the outrage was a lot of request for compensation for the losses these businesses were facing due to the outage.

Here’s some sobering news. The web host is responsible for nothing. At least, they shouldn’t be if they wrote their terms properly. Every single web host I have encountered has a clause in their terms limiting their liability for any losses due to their service.

I have advocated plenty of times in previous articles about the importance of signing up for a reliable host as opposed to a cheap host when you are relying on it for your business. Sure, you may be saving a couple bucks a month, but cheap shared hosting is much more prone to major issues, especially EIG brands due to overfilling their servers. This could cost you business in the long run, like it did for many website owners during this outage.

If you value your business and rely on it as a means of living, you should not leave this in the hands of a bargain company, let alone one that puts more interest in its own profits rather than the service it provides. Opt for a business class shared host at the very least if you really are on a budget. If you can afford a few extra dollars a month then you should spring for a VPS. Your business should be worth it.