The unfortunate reality of online business is that there are always going to be people trying to take advantage of those who don’t know any better. Online scams are a huge problem, and one of the biggest ones is the domain renewal scam.

There are a good number of companies out there who partake in the scam I’m going to outline below. They profit off of individuals by misleading them into believing that their domain names are coming up for renewal when in reality they are only trying to bill you for a generic “SEO service.” As an example, I received the email below on Sunday from one such company.

Domain Renewal Scam

As you can see from the email posted above the goal is to get you to think that your domain is coming up for renewal. It is formatted just like a domain renewal invoice would be, giving you a registration notice, a registration date, the domain name in question, and tries to avert your eyes to the big green payment button so you don’t read the text.

The sad truth is that enough people fall for this trick that it is lucrative for the “companies” that do it. Unfortunately for the people who fall for this trick, there’s not really any way of getting your money back short of telling your credit card company that it was fraudulent.

It’s always important to keep track of what you purchased, where you purchased it, and when they are supposed to renew. Any web hosting company worth signing up for will have an online area where you can see all of this information, so it’s worth it to check there before paying for anything.