UPDATE: I just received a third email from iPage with the same exact offer. See screenshot below.

So this just happened. I usually don’t check these email offers but for whatever reason today was different. I got two separate emails from two different EIG brands, both of which look strikingly similar. If you look below you will see a screenshot of them side by side. Same text, same image, same coupon, same everything. The only difference between the two is the company name and the price.

Unfortunately for those of you who are under the Netfirms brand, your offer isn’t quite as good as the one for FatCow. You get an extra 99 cents per month tacked on to your “thank you” offer just for using the same hosting under a different name. Some thanks that is.

I don’t know about anybody else, but to me this just shows how lazy a company EIG is. They couldn’t even take the time or put in the resources to make separate emails for the different brands. It was just copied and pasted to save a few pennies, if that. It’s just a reflection of their overall service. Do the bare minimum to try and maximize profits. Going public just magnifies this even more. Now EIG has investors to please, not just customers.

Let’s also not look past the fact that nowhere in this email does it let you know what your renewal rate is going to be if you choose to take advantage of these “thank you” offers. For the record, both the FatCow and Netfirmsplans will renew at $9.49 a month. Thanks, EIG!