godaddy_siteAs you are probably well aware, GoDaddy is the giant in the web hosting and domain industry. They are many times larger than any other company and service over 45 million domain names. They are perhaps most well known for their risque Super Bowl commercials and, more recently, their stance on SOPA/PIPA.

GoDaddy is a polarizing company. People either love them or hate them right off the bat for their overly sexual advertising. The past actions of their CEO also has come under fire from critics. While judging a book by it’s cover is something everybody does (that’s what the cover is there for, after all) the review ultimately comes down to how their service is. And the short of it is that the service isn’t all that great.

Why GoDaddy is one of my Worst Hosts

The main reasons are because of the fact that their hosting packages are very restrictive and that their technical support is slow and not very good. While they are just fine for domain registration (although their tactics are a bit of a slap in the face, but that’s for another day), their hosting packages are designed to make you pay more to be able to do much of anything.

GoDaddy Review on Price

GoDaddy, like every other company in my list of worst hosts, offers a lower initial price and increases all renewals by at least 75%. While this isn’t as high as iPage’s 402% increase, it is not disclosed anywhere on their website, and not in their terms of service. You won’t know about this price increase until you receive the bill for your renewal.


Their initial price is still higher than most companies as it is, starting at $3.99/month for an account where you can host only one website. For an unlimited hosting plan you need to upgrade and pay $4.49/month.

GoDaddy Review on Features

As explained above, and outlined in the price explanation, GoDaddy’s feature list is relatively restrictive unless you pay $7.49/month for the “ultimate” plan. Their most basic plan restricts your number of websites (1), number of databases (10), number of email addresses (100), and more. What really got me is that they don’t offer a free website builder with their hosting. If you want access to their website builder you need to pay at least $1/month more, and that’s just for the personal builder. If you want access to the business themes be prepared to pay $4.49/month. All in all, the hosting plans lack the features that other web hosts offer.

GoDaddy Review on Reliability

Don’t expect your website to be reliable with GoDaddy. During my testing of the economy plan (I wasn’t going to pay more for the ability to host more websites, but I doubt that the service is any better), I got an uptime of only 97.83%. This would be a killer for anybody relying on their website to generate revenue. Keep in mind this was only over the course of 3 months, too. That’s about 47 hours of downtime. I assume it’s because they pack way too many people onto a single server which causes too much resource usage which makes the server crash.

GoDaddy Review on Technical Support

GoDaddy makes it a point not to outsource any of their jobs. Unfortunately this doesn’t help the quality. While friendly, wait times are far too long and the calls feel rushed. GoDaddy, being as large as they are, experiences high support volumes all day, every day. My average hold time on the phone was about 15 minutes, and when I did get connected it seemed like they were always trying to push me to end the call as fast as possible. Multiple times I was told to send an email to the support team for simple questions. This is not an ideal situation for a beginner who really needs help getting started.


If you value a company’s public image then GoDaddy is probably not the place for you. They say no press is bad press, and plenty of people talk about GoDaddy in a bad light, but their hosting service doesn’t do them any favors. Restrictive, slow, and expensive, there are plenty of reasons to find hosting somewhere else.

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