greengeeks reviewGreenGeeks, unlike many other green hosts you may find when searching, is a standalone company that prides itself on being a quality host while trying to do their best to offset their environmental impact. They offer a package that is competitive at prices that won’t leave you hurting.

Starting at $4.95 a month, you get a package that includes the “unlimiteds” you would expect from any other company. GreenGeeks also offers reseller, vps hosting, and dedicated servers, but for the purpose of this review I will focus only on the shared hosting.

GreenGeeks Overall Rating

I’ll start out by saying I’m not really a fan of the whole “green” movement with web hosting. Most, if not all of the “green” companies don’t actually do anything themselves to make a more environmentally friendly business, but instead just buy wind energy credits to offset what they do. Having said that, GreenGeeks still is able to provide pretty good service even behind the guise of being green.

GreenGeeks Review on Price

Of course, the wind energy credits cost money to purchase. This means that the hosting you buy is at a higher price than their competitors to offset the money they have to spend to be called green. Prices start at $4.95 per month with a 3 year commitment.


One thing that GreenGeeks still does that most other hosts shy away from is that they give a free domain name for life. Keep in mind that this is only for the life of your hosting account with them. If you cancel hosting then you no longer get a free domain name. While it may seem pretty obvious, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across customers thinking they could cheat the system by signing up, cancelling, and thinking they’d still be getting a free domain name forever.

GreenGeeks Review on Features

GreenGeeks is similar to many other hosts in that they offer “unlimited” resources without them really being unlimited. They do explain the limitations in their terms as well as on the home page, so long as you click on the unlimited web space link. They also offer VPS and Dedicated packages which gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your website and upgrade if need be. It is a good platform if you expect to outgrow shared hosting and want an easy way to upgrade.

GreenGeeks Review on Reliability

greengeeks uptimeGreenGeeks is pretty reliable if you are not dependent on your website being up 100% of the time. They do offer a 99.9% guarantee, however my test account is a bit below that, having a 99.84% uptime over the past 30 days. The outages are generally taken care of quickly, however the longest outage I encountered was 34 minutes. Other than that, no outage has lasted longer than 5 minutes.

GreenGeeks Review on Technical Support

The support team at GreenGeeks is a knowledgable, helpful group. Whenever I contacted them they were quick to respond and could explain things in easy to understand terms so anybody would be able to get use out of it. Sometimes they take a bit longer than usual to respond, but when they do it is a well thought out response instead of one word or one sentence answers that are less than helpful.


GreenGeeks is a good choice for those of you looking for a platform on which you can grow. The ability to upgrade from shared to VPS to dedicated quickly and seamlessly makes websites that need the ability to expand don’t get brought down by high resource usage.

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