Looking for HostGator coupon codes? We have 2 coupons that are guaranteed to work when you sign up for a new shared web hosting plan. The two coupon codes are:

YourWHGeek994 which is good for $9.94 off a new hosting plan. This coupon is best used on the 1 month baby plan so that you can try HostGator’s service for only 1 penny.

YourWHGeek25 which gets you 25% off any new account. This is best for longer terms because the more you spend up front the more you save. For a 12 month plan this will save you $20.85!

Keep in mind that these coupons will only give you the discounts for your initial bill. If you choose to renew with HostGator then you will be charged the full price which is significantly higher. These change from time to time so you will want to check their website for the most recent pricing. At the time of writing this review the HostGator renewal price for 1 year of hosting is $6.95/mo or $83.40 total.

To learn more about HostGator, visit http://www.HostGator.com