Here we have an exclusive 30% off coupon for any new HostMetro web hosting account. Their hosting already starts at $2.45/mo which is a great price in itself, but using the coupon below gets you 30% off that price.

YourWHGeek is good for 30% off any new account with HostMetro.

This coupon is only available for your first payment and will not be added to any renewals. One of the biggest upsides about HostMetro is that they don’t increase the base renewal prices, unlike other hosts who offer promotional offers that make their prices seem very low. If the coupon is used it won’t apply to the renewal, but they won’t increase the renewal price from the original. For example: their 1 year price is $53.40. If you use the coupon YourWHGeek you will only pay $37.38 for the first year of hosting. Your renewal price will only be $53.40, which is lower than any other company.


This chart was taken from the HostMetro website to show their renewal prices compared to some of the competition. If you took the time to read my lengthy explanation on How Affiliate Programs Work you would know that I don’t accept any offer of a higher commission for placements on my website. This is how I am able to offer a 30% off coupon. Instead of HostMetro paying me a ridiculous commission rate I would rather have you save money on hosting. I’m just that nice of a guy!

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