hostpapa-reviewHosPapa, which is owned by OpieNetwork, is located in Toronto, Canada. HostPapa another proponent of the green web hosting movement, and like GreenGeeks, has been advertising their Green Hosting since 2006. While a bit cheaper than GreenGeeks, they do follow the EIG model and increase prices significantly on renewals.

HostPapa’s basic hosting starts at $3.95/month and will get you all the unlimited features you see offered with many other hosting companies. HostPapa also offers a reseller package, but I have only tested the basic shared hosting that they offer.

HostPapa Overall Rating

While not owned by EIG, HostPapa does many of the same things that the EIG brands do. If you have read other parts of my website you will understand that this isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’ll go into more detail about what they do a bit later. The parent company, OpieNetwork, also owns the popular web hosting review website They only have themselves ranked #5 on their own review page. That is most likely because iPage and the other EIG brands listed above them pay a higher CPA than HostPapa would actually make getting new customers. Overall, though, HostPapa is a decent host, if not a big quirky.

HostPapa Review on Price

Like GreenGeeks, HostPapa has to have higher prices than other hosts in order to purchase the wind energy credits needed to offset their carbon footprint. While the initial price of $3.95/month is relatively low, like EIG, their renewal prices are pretty outrageous. The 1 year renewal rate is $8.99/month meaning you’ll be paying more than double what you initially did.

hostpapa renewal price

Of course, you won’t find these prices unless you dig around in the fine print. They do this in hopes that you automatically renew without checking to see what the renewal price will be first.

HostPapa Review on Features

Another seemingly cloned EIG feature is “unlimited” disk space, bandwidth, so on and so forth. Unlike EIG, HostPapa doesn’t bother with putting a * next to these, leading you to believe there is no restriction on the unlimiteds. In the terms they do outline the limits to these “unlimited” resources. Basically, it is a very generic warning about how using too many server resources will have a negative effect on the rest of the customers and they will shut you down. Unfortunately for the customer they never mention exactly what constitutes “too much” meaning they can pretty much shut anyone down for any reason they’d like.

HostPapa Review on Reliability

The HostPapa servers are reasonably speedy, especially considering I live a good distance away from them. The server on which I am hosted has had an issue with downtime throughout the month of January, however. The server has gone down 5 times over the course of the month and the overall uptime has been well below their 99.9% guarantee (99.37% over the past 30 days). While this may not be much of an issue for personal websites, a business website may suffer a bit from this type of performance.

is hostpapa reliable

As you can see, downtime has been a bit of an issue, ranging anywhere from 4 minutes to almost 2.5 hours.

HostPapa Review on Technical Support

One thing that HostPapa does better than most is offer support for all regions around the world. They offer toll free phone numbers for not only the US and Canada, but also Australia, France, the UK, and more. They also offer Spanish speaking support. While I am unable to try this as I don’t speak fluent Spanish, I imagine it is very helpful to customers. Having worked support in the past it does get a bit difficult trying to deal with language barriers.


HostPapa is a bit of an EIG clone without being owned by Endurance International. They do many of the same things. While they aren’t a bad host by any means, they aren’t a great host either. After all, if they can’t put themselves at the #1 position of their own hosting review website, how good can they really be?

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hostpapa review