On several occasions I have harped on the fact that the majority of hosting review websites are fakes. With so many people trying to profit off of your business, how can you tell which reviews to believe and which ones are trying to deceive you? The truth is – there’s no real way to tell. Any website could potentially be posing as an “honest” review site (most of them try to say they are unbiased) but in reality entice you to sign up for the web host that pays them the most.

With that being said, there are certain things you can look for that will tip you off that a hosting review site is full of fake reviews. The first thing to keep an eye out for is if there are no negative reviews, either written by the owner of the website or by customer reviews. The reason that review sites would keep bad reviews off of their pages is because bad reviews won’t make them any money. Why waste time and effort on something that is going to give you $0 returns?

Another thing to look for is if they don’t have an easy way to get to their own reviews. A lot of times the goal of hosting review sites is to have you click through to the hosting company as quickly as possible. Chances are, the longer you stay on their website and not click through, the less likely you are to actually do it instead of searching for more reviews on other websites. This means you could potentially click through another affiliate’s link and lose a sale for the website.

Another thing to look for when searching web hosting reviews is to see where the review website is actually hosted. After all, why would they not host their own website on the host they claim is the best? Doesn’t make much sense, but more often than not the review sites themselves aren’t hosted on their “#1 host” because that host isn’t actually that good.

Perhaps the quickest way to tell if a review site is not legitimate is if iPage is their best host. I can tell you from first hand experience that any web hosting review site that has iPage at #1 is not a legitimate source for reviews. EIG pays a high commission rate to review sites to be at #1, but their service is shoddy at best. Anybody who claims that iPage is the best hosting company out there is flat lying to you.