inmotion_screenInMotion hosting was founded in 2001 in Virginia Beach. They have built a reputation for being the best option to host a business website. They offer a range of business-class hosting solutions that suit any sized website, from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

By offering high quality hosting, InMotion is now viewed by most industry experts as the best small business web hosting option. They offer customers their choice of two data centers (east or west coast) to ensure the fastest speeds, housing over 5,000 servers for approximately 500,000 domain names. The size of their company alone shows the level of service they offer.

InMotion Overall Rating

Unlike my #1 host, HostMetro, InMotion is a well established web host having been providing quality service for over 2 decades. They are highly recommended by many experts for their business class hosting, and they are a perfect fit for a wide range of business customers. Both cnet and the BBB have recognized InMotion as one of the best small business hosting options. They are also a recommended host of Drupal, a popular content management system. They have a great reputation in the community, which is a strong factor in why they are my #2 web host.

InMotion Review on Price

Probably the only reason that InMotion is not my top host is because of their price. While their service is great for businesses, they simply don’t offer enough extra to justify paying so much more than their competitors if you want to host a personal website. And if you want to host multiple websites on one account you might as well stop reading right here. You need to pay $13.99/month to be able to host more than 6 websites on a single account. Most other hosts offer the ability to host as many websites as you’d like on one account, not limiting you based on what package you order.


Limiting customers to a certain amount of websites and databases on an account is great for upselling services, but these limits are far too low for my liking. If you want to have more than two database driven websites on a single account you have to spend an extra $2/month. This just doesn’t match up to what other companies offer their customers. The price difference is just too big for me to give them the #1 spot in my rankings.

InMotion Review on Features

inmotion_creditsWhile InMotion restricts the number of websites you can host on an account, they do offer some great features for businesses to help get them the exposure they need to succeed. Their three shared options all offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain name, free backups, and other standard features you would expect from any reputable hosting company. What sets them apart is the $300 in marketing credits, e-commerce features, and a 90 day money back guarantee, which is the best in the industry.

Most of the features that make InMotion such a great option are suited for business hosting, so if you are going to be hosting a small, low traffic, personal website, I would recommend another host. InMotion is more suitable for those websites that will get higher traffic and require the ability to accept payments online.

InMotion Review on Reliability

It is with their unparalleled reliability where InMotion stands out the most, earning them a #2 ranking. This is the only real redeeming factor and how they can price their hosting so much higher than other companies. While you may not get that much more in features, paying a higher price will get you better hardware and more reliable servers. Other, less expensive hosts can get away with charging less because they do not upgrade their older, outdated servers to keep up with the available technology. This means that when older servers are back filled, new customers are stuck with old technology. InMotion’s servers are of a higher quality than many other hosts, which gives you quicker loading speeds and more reliable connections, which is of the highest importance for business websites.

InMotion Review on Technical Support

While the InMotion “Premier” support is very responsive and helpful, it can sometimes be a bit of a wait getting in contact over the phone. They do offer live chat and email support, as well as an expansive knowledge base, but for times of immediate support you may be best off choosing the live chat option for a shorter wait time. During my 5 month period of testing their services I contacted InMotion support through the toll free number a total of 8 times. I had an average hold time of 9 minutes.

Live chat sessions are much shorter in terms of wait times, but most of the time the support representative will have multiple chats open at a single time, so you may not get the undivided attention you desire. In any case, you will be given good support, but wait times may be a bit longer than you’d like, simply because they have so many customers to support.


InMotion is a great company if you need to host a business website and plan on having significant growth. They have excellent service, but it does come at a cost. If you are looking for a place to host a small, personal website, I would suggest looking elsewhere. InMotion will provide you with tools you simply won’t need, otherwise.

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