It seems like problems like this are occurring more and more frequently. The EIG data center in Utah is having major issues once again. My test accounts on BlueHost, HostGator and HostMonster are all down right now, and it seems plenty of other customers are having similar issues.

While this doesn’t much affect me in any way, it does affect business websites, especially large-scale ones that are being hosted on dedicated servers. Customers pay hundreds of dollars a month to have these websites hosted on what should be stable connections, but unfortunately that stability has been lacking lately with EIG.

Unfortunately for customers, EIG lacks much transparency when things like this happen. Their phone and live chat systems are both down so customers can not get help, taking to social media to voice their concerns for their accounts. Normal responses consist of “Our admins are working on it” with no other information as to what is causing the massive outages.

All customers can do now is hope that they can straighten things out, at least until the next time this happens.