It looks like Google did some more updating which means there are more web hosting review websites showing up on those keywords you would search when looking for reviews. Let’s go through the newcomers and see which, if any, are real web hosting review websites and which are faking it.

1. WebHostingGeeks.com100% Fake. First and foremost, they don’t actually provide any expert reviews. All they do is regurgitate the information you can find on the web host’s websites. Not only that, they actually delete reviews for companies that they don’t like.

2. b2evolution.netFake. 5 of the top 10 web hosts are EIG brands. Any time you see this on a top 10 site you can pretty much be guaranteed that it’s fake. I do like b2evolution as a CMS, though. If you’re looking for a WordPress/Joomla alternative you should check it out.

3. HostingAdvice.comFake. Again, littered with EIG brands. And when you’re calling MediaTemple “affordable” at $20/month for shared hosting that’s just wrong.

4. target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>HostingReviews.ioReal. The owner of this website seems to be trying to do the same thing I’m trying to do, albeit in a different manner. This website gathers information from social media sites and uses those as the “reviews,” so to speak, and uses that information to rank the hosts.

5. WebHostingReviews.comFake. Whoever owns this website hasn’t updated it in years. The most recent customer review was posted in 2012. Truth be told, I’m not sure how Google is ranking it so highly.

There are more that are popping up for other keywords, but I just used these as an example when you do a Google search for “web hosting reviews.” Just be sure you’re doing your due diligence when researching web hosts, or any other service for that matter. More often than not, the website you’re on is all about making money.