JustHost, one of my worst web hosting companies, has recently gone a massive website reworking. Because of this, I wanted to try signing up again to test their services and see if anything else changed, along with their website.

Earlier today I placed an order with JustHost, and already the results are not good. The ordering process alone is full of errors. The first issue is that you can’t change the coupon from the free domain offer to anything else. Sure, you can type something else in, but there is no way of checking or applying the coupon, and it automatically reverts to the free domain offer.

The second, and perhaps biggest issue, is that the “I have read and accept the terms” check box is already checked for you. I’m not sure about the legality of this and I’m not going to try speculating on it, but from a business standpoint it’s a bit shady. It allows you to easily gloss over the notice that you have to read and agree to them without ever actually doing so. Usually (almost always), a company forces you to check the box yourself, and if you don’t an error message is kicked back.

The third thing that popped out to me was the page after you placed your order. JustHost offers several addons for your account, however instead of being from JustHost the text explains that they are from BlueHost.


The fact that they don’t even take the time to proofread their own website to make sure they’re getting their brands straight is somewhat bothersome. I assume they copied and pasted the page from Bluehost’s order form, changed the logo, and left it at that. If they don’t care about their own website to fix something so small, what does it mean for the service they’ll be providing you?