I thought it would be an interesting idea to reach out to several hosting companies with similar questions regarding their services as well as web hosting as an industry. It would be nice to get some insight from some people in the industry and pass it along to you. Hopefully I will get enough responses to make this a regular feature. The first response I got was from Kyle Dolan, the affiliate manager at HostMetro.com.

Q: How did HostMetro get started?
A: There is no shortage in choices when it comes to shared hosting, that’s for sure. There is a shortage in honest shared hosting companies, we think. We wanted to be a different breed of host, one that puts the customer first as opposed to shareholders or bottom lines. Sure, we could follow the lead of the big name hosts, but we would much prefer to have happy customers. That is how, or rather why, we decided to start our own hosting company.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition?
A: First and foremost, we are not one of the many Endurance brands (iPage, HostGator, etc). I think that there is a common misunderstanding that all of those brands are different companies. We are also honest and straightforward about what we offer. Perhaps our biggest upside is having a price lock guarantee. Every EIG brand and many non-EIG companies will raise their prices for renewals. We don’t think that’s fair to customers who are loyal to our company. we want to be just as loyal to them.

Q: Where do you see web hosting 5 years from now?
A: The trend in the past has been to try and offer cheaper web hosting, but prices have seemingly flattened out lately. The new trend in web hosting, and computing in general, is cloud technology. Whether it be CloudFlare, CloudLinux, or any other cloud anything, the goal now is to offer speedier, more reliable hosting. I think we will see a relatively large increase in cloud based hosting solutions because of this.

Q: HostMetro is still a relatively new company. What struggles have you seen thus far?
A: The biggest struggle so far has been getting ourselves more well known and trying to break into the market. We are a smaller company and don’t have the funds that Endurance has to use towards marketing, specifically affiliate marketing. Affiliates nowadays demand very high payouts for every sale they send, and EIG can outbid pretty much every other host there is. That is why so many review websites have a list that is dominated by Endurance brands.

Q: What is the goal for HostMetro as a company?
A: There is no real ultimate goal because we want to always be evolving and changing to make ourselves and our services better. I guess our goal, simply put, would be to provide good, honest hosting to people.

Q: Do you have any tips or tricks for beginners?
A: If you think you are going to be relying heavily on the support team you should try calling them a few times first. See how long it takes for them to answer, how receptive they are to questions you have, that sort of thing. There is a lot to learn, so you may be overwhelmed at first. This is when a good support team will come in handy.