Over the past 24 hours I have been emailed by several EIG brands: HostGator, iPage, HostMonster, FatCow, and BlueHost so far. Not surprisingly, none of these emails have anything to do with the recent Provo downtime (I still think a formal apology would be a nice touch), nor have they been sent out to the email addresses I have with them for my hosting accounts. No, these emails have been sent out in mass to the affiliates of EIG.

What the emails contained are surveys that they want their affiliates to fill out. Surveys that will help them analyze how to best service their affiliates to make sure they keep getting new customers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting new customers. A business won’t succeed without getting new customers.

However, there is another side to that coin. The side that EIG seems to ignore time and time again. That side is customer retention. How do you keep customers? By making them happy. Or, at the very least, by not pissing them off. Unfortunately for EIG customers, that just doesn’t seem to be a part of their business plan.

Several HostGator employees have voiced their opinions in the wake of the latest outage, giving a bit of insight into how the support departments are run. For the full quotes, you can mosey on over to this article. The short of it is that the support employees have to meet a certain quota of tickets, chats, etc. each day. These numbers are unrealistic which forces them to not actually do any real troubleshooting.

This, in my opinion, is not the way you keep customers. These people, and the money they give you, is the reason your company is so successful. Perhaps you should be sending them surveys to find out how they think your services could be better for them, rather than sending them to affiliates so you can just pack your servers even further.