Nowadays people are connected to the internet wherever they go. Smart phones and tablets have become commonplace in many households, often replacing computers and lap tops because of their mobility and ease of use. This makes having a mobile friendly website increasingly important, especially for businesses.

Much like if someone were to visit your website on a computer, not find it appealing, and leave, the same story applies to mobile users. If someone is looking for a certain product or service on their phone and your website is not user friendly then they are most surely going to go find a different site that works.

Not having a mobile website can, and probably will, cost you business. Fortunately, many website programs like WordPress and Joomla have plugins that will make your website mobile friendly. There are also paid options like GoMobi which will take your current website and import it into their system that will optimize it for mobile users.

This is something you will want to ask your hosting company about. They may have tools to help you add a mobile friendly version of your site which could help convert visitors into sales for a relatively low cost, even free, enhancement to your website.