If you are going to be using your website for your business then your web hosting company could make all the difference regarding your success. A good web host will effectively run your website, ensuring that it is available to your customers at all times. A bad web host, on the other hand, could leave you stranded without warning, and without cause.

I’ll get this out of the way early. No hosting company is perfect, and there is no guarantee that a web host will never run into issues. The truth is that most web hosting companies run into some sort of major issue almost on a daily basis. The difference is how each host handles the issue. A good host will be quick to recognize a problem and mitigate it before it has any effect on your service. A bad host, on the other hand, won’t notice any problems (or will notice and just not care enough) until they get numerous customer complaints.

The latter, pretty obviously, will have a must greater negative impact on your website, and your business. Ideally your website will not have any issues whatsoever, but that just isn’t the reality of things. Look for a host that has good uptime and good server speed. That’s the host you want for your business.