I’ve been focusing a lot lately about ways to spot a bad hosting company. I figured it would be time to be a bit more positive and give a few ideas on what to look for in a good host. There are plenty of good web hosting companies out there, and ultimately it is your decision in which to choose. I would recommend going with a web host that has the following:

1. cPanel Control Panel. cPanel is by far and away the easiest control panel to navigate. Not only that, but if you ever have to transfer from one host to another, cPanel makes it incredibly easy. Other hosts uses non-cPanel alternatives in hopes that being difficult to transfer away will keep you with them.

2. Reasonable renewal prices. It’s difficult to find a host that doesn’t increase the price when you renew. Unfortunately for us, it’s the way shared hosting is now. What you can look for, however, is hosts that won’t try to rip you off on renewals. You should not have to pay four times as much just to stay with the same company.

3. 24/7 in house support. 24/7 support is common for most well known hosts. What isn’t common is having the support in house. A lot of hosting companies will either outsource their hosting or own multiple brands and have staff to support all of them at once. This makes for longer hold times and less adequate help.

4. An easy transfer process. You always want to leave yourself with a way out. Plenty of hosts make it incredibly difficult to transfer your files away in hopes that the trouble it takes will keep you with them. Ask your host how easy it is to take backups, this is a good indicator of how easy it will be to transfer.

5. Money back guarantee. At minimum, you should be looking for a 30 day money back guarantee. This should give you ample time to figure out if the host is right for you. If no guarantee is offered, don’t sign up. Plain and simple.