There are an untold amount of websites that exist, many of which have little to no chance of succeeding. Sure, plenty of people only want a website for personal reasons and have no desire to see it become popular. But for many of you your website is a key factor in generating business. It is important that your website be recognized so that you can have a more successful online presence.

1. Have a plan

In the years I have been consulting for businesses, I have noticed a trend. Most of them have no idea what they want their website to do other than “get more viewers.” I suppose this is a goal, but it is far too general and there is no plan in place to achieve that goal. You should write out a plan with plenty of steps and multiple milestones to ensure you stay on track to achieving your ultimate goal.

Keep in mind, goals can change. If your initial goal was to have your website generate an additional $100,000 in your first year and you achieve it, why not try for more?

2. Know your audience

Trying to reach the right people with your website is key. You want the attention your website is getting to be relevant to your content. This will keep your conversion rates, and customer retention up. Keep in mind who you are building your website for and create your content accordingly. If a visitor doesn’t see something that is relevant to them within the first few seconds they are highly likely to leave.

3. Be SEO Friendly

Your website won’t ever get the attention you desire if you can’t be found on Google (and to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo). Having a basic understanding of search engine optimization before starting to create your website saves you tons of time over having to back over every page to edit them after the fact. You will want to make sure that the page you’re creating includes keywords that you would want your website to show up under when people search in Google.

Keeping your website regularly updated is also a big help. Search engines will look for websites that are updated regularly and index them accordingly.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that your website is successful by your standards. Set yourself goals, and make a coherent plan to reach them. This keeps you on track to having a great web presence.