cheap web hostYou know what really grinds my gears? When I get complaints about people expecting some service for free. It happens often enough when I’m making websites for people, but you can’t imagine how often I was told by a customer that something should be free when I was working in the web hosting industry. Web hosting companies are businesses, too. They need to make money. This means that certain services are going to incur an extra cost, especially if the web host you choose is on the cheap end.

I saw a negative “review” of a web hosting company on another review website. The reason for the negative review? The customer was being asked to pay a fee for the host to take automatic backups of his account. This isn’t a reasonable request when you’re paying less than $5/mo for web hosting. Backup servers are expensive. The web host does not show anywhere on their site that they offer automatic backups for free. Why would the customer think that it’s something they should be given? It doesn’t make sense.

I know plenty of you are looking for the best deal possible when it comes to web hosting. But this doesn’t mean you should expect to get services for free. That’s just not the way it works. Any business that offers products and services for free won’t be in business for very long. Have reasonable expectations when you’re choosing a web host. If you’re asking them to perform a service for you and you are asked to pay a fee for it, don’t act like you were just insulted. Services incur costs, that’s how it works. Just because you may not agree with it doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay it.