Certain hosts provide coupons to affiliates in order to generate more traffic and increase their conversion rates. It is a way to increase their rankings on the affiliate’s website so that they can get more sales. You can read more about how that works on my How Affiliate Programs Work page.

I reach out to these web hosts to try and get the biggest coupon possible for you. Instead of taking a higher commission for myself, I ask that they provide me with a larger coupon so that I can offer you a better price on their services. I think this is a much more fair way of getting a coupon because it doesn’t influence my rankings and it allows you to get a cheaper plan from a great company. The coupons below have been provided to me directly and are proven to work. Unlike other coupon websites I do not take coupons from other pages and post them here in hopes of them working. I do hope (and encourage) that you share these coupons with others so that they can get the best deals possible too.

hostmetro    50% off using coupon YourWHGeek   $1.23
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20% off using coupon YourWHGeek20
$.01 for 1 month using coupon YourWHGeek01
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  $25 off 4-5 years using coupon YourWHGeek25
$15 off 1-3 years using coupon YourWHGeek15
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25% off using coupon YourWHGeek25
$.01 for 1 month using coupon YourWHGeek994
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30% off using coupon YourWHGeek30   $13.96
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