Key Differences

These are some choice differences between these two hosts. Note that this is not a complete list of features offered by both companies, but rather the most useful and popular features requested by clients for their websites.

Introductory Price$1.99 / mo$3.95 / mo
Renewal Price$3.49 / mo$5.65 / mo
SSLavailablenot available
Advanced Firewallincludednot available
Hidden Feesnoyes

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Review of Features

Below you will find a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of my reviews for both of these companies. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend WebHostingPad over HostGator, but please take a look for yourself:

WebHostingPad HostGator
PRICEYes, I’ve been going on about price in this review already, but it is a point of emphasis here. In my experience working with several other hosting companies, I have learned a lot about how hosts can afford to offer such cheap hosting and still offer a good (or even great) service. WebHostingPad does this in two main ways. The first is that they don’t offer outrageous commissions to affiliates who promote their products. I won’t go into too much depth about this here, but if you’re interested in how that works you can read my article on How Affiliate Programs Work.

The second way WebHostingPad saves money for their customers is by offering their basic shared hosting plan as an a la carte type option. Many other hosting companies will offer a bunch of additional features and market them as great tools, thus justifying the higher price. The fact is that most of these additional features won’t be used by 80% of the customers. They are useless to the majority of people who own small personal websites. Instead of adding these on and increasing prices, they offer them as additional features that each customer can pay for individually should they decide that they need the service. In my opinion, this is a much more efficient and cost effective offer.
HostGator’s prices are reasonable. Their basic hosting package is a bit restrictive, though. In order to have the ability to host unlimited domain names, something that most other hosts offer, you have to pay an extra $3.00/month and upgrade to the “Baby Plan.” Their prices also reflect a 40-60% automatic discount on the initial cost, so your renewal rates will increase or even double. It's nice of them to be upfront about the percetage off, but since they don't list their renewal rates anywhere on their site, it leaves you to do the math yourself.

I've done the math for you, and reflected the renewal rates below:

Hatchling Plan: $5.65 / mo
Baby Plan:$8.33 / mo
Business Plan: $9.52 / mo

As you can see, that's a pretty big jump.
FEATURESAs explained above, you aren’t going to get all of the additional features you may get from other hosts, but this won’t take away from your ability to run your website. WebHostingPad offers the same features as most every other shared web host including unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain name, 30 day money back guarantee, free website builder, and so on.

WebHostingPad also provides additional features at a cost like SSL certificates, SSH access, an advanced security scan, and more, but these are more suited for advanced web developers and business website owners. These tools are not going to be used by the vast majority of beginner and novice website owners, so why pay for them? They are an optional extra if you decide you need them at a later date, but this is how they save their customers from high prices.
While HostGator does offer a huge library of features, these features come at a cost. Their most basic plan, which costs roughly the same as most other hosts at $3.96/month, only allows you to host a single domain name. That means if you want to have multiple websites on one account you need to upgrade to a bigger package. Their basic package does not allow you to add an SSL certificate or Dedicated IP address, either. If you want to be able to accept credit card charges through your website you not only have to upgrade your package, but also have to purchase those features on top of that.

Basically, HostGator’s packages are structured in a way that makes them more money. If you want anything extra you have to pay them extra. This would make sense if other companies operated in the same fashion, but there aren’t many other shared hosts that do not allow unlimited domains on the most basic account.
RELAIBILITYYou might expect your performance to be lacking because of how inexpensive WebHostingPad is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. WebHostingPad’s servers are stable and reliable. After a 7 month test my website had a total up time of 99.942%, which is above their 99.9% guarantee. Server response time is fast and my websites loaded quicker than on competitors servers.

This is just a guess, but my assumption as to why the server speed was quicker than other hosting companies is due to the lack of the additional features on every account. Having these features running in the background on every account on a server causes more resources to be used on the back end, which in turn leaves less of those resources to be used on website functionality. Again, just a guess, but it makes sense to me.
HostGator’s service used to be one of the most reliable in the industry. The operative term here is used to. After the EIG takeover (and subsequent merging of accounts to different, more crowded servers) the reliability has gone downhill tremendously.

There was a period of time after HostGator was bought by EIG that the service was still good. Great, even. That’s because the hosting accounts hadn’t been moved to the EIG data center yet. As soon as the migration to the new data center happened (customers didn’t have any choice but to accept this. No other option was given) my test account was noticeably slower, and reliability was much worse.

Perhaps the most unnerving of all was last month when there was an outage of the whole EIG data center. This not only affected HostGator, but other EIG brands including BlueHost, JustHost, HostMonster, and any other brand that has servers in their Utah location.

I’m hoping for the sake of their customers that HostGator can bounce back and get their reliability back up to a high standard. I’m not sure I see that happenign with the EIG takeover, however.
TECH SUPPORTWebHostingPad’s support team is generally knowledgeable and able to help quickly with easier questions that most beginners would face when starting a new account. The one gripe I have (which is the case with most hosting companies, not just WebHostingPad) is that only level 1 support is available over the phone or through live chat. If you have an issue that needs to be escalated to a higher department then you must submit a ticket. I will say that the response times of the tickets was quick, usually within 1 hour. In any case, the WebHostingPad support staff was able to resolve issues promptly and efficiently.If you’re sensing a theme with this whole review then this might be a bit of a refresher. HostGator’s support team is largely still in place from before they were taken over. How long it will be this way is anybody’s guess, but for now their support is still very good. This is the biggest redeeming factor. They have a lot of support avenues and have online server monitoring so you can see the status of your server which is something very few other companies offer. If you do choose HostGator you will be getting great support. At least for now.
CONCLUSIONWebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.It is my estimation that HostGator is going to continue to slide down in terms of reliability, with support soon to follow. It is how all companies bought out by EIG end up (so far) and the signs are pointing the same way this time. I would be cautious when signing up with HostGator, and would avoid paying for more than 1 year. Leave yourself an exit strategy if something happens and you decide they aren’t for you.

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