Review of Features

Below you will find a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of my reviews for both of these companies. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend WebHostingPad over JustHost, but please take a look for yourself:

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PRICEYes, I’ve been going on about price in this review already, but it is a point of emphasis here. In my experience working with several other hosting companies, I have learned a lot about how hosts can afford to offer such cheap hosting and still offer a good (or even great) service. WebHostingPad does this in two main ways. The first is that they don’t offer outrageous commissions to affiliates who promote their products. I won’t go into too much depth about this here, but if you’re interested in how that works you can read my article on How Affiliate Programs Work.

The second way WebHostingPad saves money for their customers is by offering their basic shared hosting plan as an a la carte type option. Many other hosting companies will offer a bunch of additional features and market them as great tools, thus justifying the higher price. The fact is that most of these additional features won’t be used by 80% of the customers. They are useless to the majority of people who own small personal websites. Instead of adding these on and increasing prices, they offer them as additional features that each customer can pay for individually should they decide that they need the service. In my opinion, this is a much more efficient and cost effective offer.
As is standard with all EIG brands, you will be enticed by a low price of $2.25/month to sign up. Your renewal rates will skyrocket 344% to $9.99/month for a 1 year term.

While they do disclose this on their home page, it is intentionally misleading. It says $2.25/month for a 48 month term with renewal rates of $6.99/month. What they don’t say is that the $6.99/month renewal is on a 3 year account only. A 2 year account, as seen above, renews at $8.99/month. They have to charge this much for renewals to cover the ridiculously high commissions that they pay affiliates for every sale.
FEATURESAs explained above, you aren’t going to get all of the additional features you may get from other hosts, but this won’t take away from your ability to run your website. WebHostingPad offers the same features as most every other shared web host including unlimited disk space and bandwidth, a free domain name, 30 day money back guarantee, free website builder, and so on.

WebHostingPad also provides additional features at a cost like SSL certificates, SSH access, an advanced security scan, and more, but these are more suited for advanced web developers and business website owners. These tools are not going to be used by the vast majority of beginner and novice website owners, so why pay for them? They are an optional extra if you decide you need them at a later date, but this is how they save their customers from high prices.
Like I said above, JustHost offers nothing special in the way of features. They have the standard gimmick of “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth, but in the terms limit you by CPU usage, memory usage, and also a file number limit of just 50,000 files. Keep in mind every single part of your website, email, databases, and anything else stored on your account is considered a file. Considering a Joomla installation itself is over 4,500 files there’s not much to their “unlimited” plan.
RELIABILITYYou might expect your performance to be lacking because of how inexpensive WebHostingPad is, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. WebHostingPad’s servers are stable and reliable. After a 7 month test my website had a total up time of 99.942%, which is above their 99.9% guarantee. Server response time is fast and my websites loaded quicker than on competitors servers.

This is just a guess, but my assumption as to why the server speed was quicker than other hosting companies is due to the lack of the additional features on every account. Having these features running in the background on every account on a server causes more resources to be used on the back end, which in turn leaves less of those resources to be used on website functionality. Again, just a guess, but it makes sense to me.
Where to start. Well, first off, JustHost doesn’t offer any type of uptime guarantee. I asked in a live chat just to be sure because I couldn’t see it anywhere on their website or in their terms. Our friendly chat rep P.T. said that “guarantees are unrealistic” because of outside factors. Every single web host that offers an uptime guarantee puts in their terms that outside factors (natural disasters, mainline cuts, things like that) do not contribute to this guarantee. This is no reason not to offer one.

P.T. goes on to explain that they average 99.98% uptime. Not on my server they didn’t. My test account (which was not active for the EIG data center outage last month) had a stellar uptime of 89.35% over a 5 month period. I ran a WordPress test website on my account with JustHost, and when the server was up my website was slow to respond and failed to load images on multiple occasions.

The ultimate question is this. If you average 99.98% uptime why don’t you offer a guarantee? Sounds to me like if you really were at 99.98% you could afford to offer it without any problems at all.
TECH SUPPORTWebHostingPad’s support team is generally knowledgeable and able to help quickly with easier questions that most beginners would face when starting a new account. The one gripe I have (which is the case with most hosting companies, not just WebHostingPad) is that only level 1 support is available over the phone or through live chat. If you have an issue that needs to be escalated to a higher department then you must submit a ticket. I will say that the response times of the tickets was quick, usually within 1 hour. In any case, the WebHostingPad support staff was able to resolve issues promptly and efficiently.

JustHost’s support is average at best, however very inconsistent. The chat above, where I asked about an uptime guarantee, is a standard question asked by plenty of customers over the course of the day. There are predefined replies that are accessible to everybody so that these questions can be answered quickly. After a 5 minute wait for a chat rep, it still took a good 3-4 minutes for him to answer my question.

My biggest issue is the fact that EIG has support representatives handling multiple brands at once. In the chat image above you can see at the top that it says “Provider: Just Host.” This information is given to the rep to know that I opened this chat from the JustHost website as opposed to BlueHost or iPage or any other EIG brand. It just makes for slower, less accurate support.
CONCLUSIONWebHostingPad is a great choice for beginners. It is cheap, easy to use, and reliable. You won’t get some of the features that other hosts include, but these features are not useful for customers who are new to web hosting. It is a great starting point for a new customer and it will get you familiar with how to run a website without being too overbearing.JustHost has the ability to be a good host, just like any other EIG brand. They have a huge amount of money that they could be putting toward providing a great service, but instead they put this money toward being highly ranked on affiliate websites and paying out high commissions for the sales that these affiliates generate. It’s a backwards way of doing business if you ask me, but it gets new customers who don’t know any better to sign up. My advice would be to stay away. They do not provide reliable service in the least bit.

Key Differences

These are some choice differences between these two hosts. Note that this is not a complete list of features offered by both companies, but rather the most useful and popular features requested by clients for their websites.

Introductory Price$1.99 / mo$3.95 / mo
Renewal Price$3.49 / mo$11.99 / mo
Email Accountsunlimited5
Hosting Spaceunlimited50gb
Hidden Feesnoyes