It has been hammered into most webmaster’s heads over time that keywords are the most important part of content/writing for SEO. From the get go, most often people would search based on keywords. The trend, however, has gradually changed and now people are searching using phrases as opposed to single words. These phrases that are used to search are known as “long tail keywords” and are becoming more and more relevant, which means they are especially important for your website.

Long tail keywords are important partially because more people are using them to search, and partially because it lowers your competition. As an example, let’s pretend you own a private snow plowing company and you live in Chicago, Illinois. While it would be great to show up on the front page for “snow plows,” chances are people aren’t going to be looking for your services if they are doing a Google search for snow plows. Ideally, what you’d want to show up for is the long tail keyword “snow plow company in Chicago,” “Chicago snow plow company” or something else along those lines. This not only cuts down on your competition but also increases the chances of you gaining business from that search.

The goal is to show up in the top 3 search results for these long tail keywords. Studies show that around 60% of the total traffic, and rarely does anyone search past the first page. Achieve this, and you will see a steep increase in visitors, and hopefully business