webhostingI’ve explained numerous times why I decided to create this website. In short, it’s to educate potential web hosting customers on the tricks that web hosting companies use to try and get you to sign up. I realize now, however, that I never really explained what web hosting is and what a good host does to make sure your website is set up for success.

The most basic definition of web hosting is the business of providing storage space and access to website files. This, essentially, is what every web host does for you. You use their servers to store your website files so that others can access them on the internet. A good host, obviously, will make your files accessible to your visitors at all times.

Where many beginners get confused is in trying do differentiate between web hosting, domain names, and websites or files. The way I always try to explain it is in terms of living space. A shared web host is like an apartment building. You are in one location with a lot of other tenants, all sharing the same large building but you have your own space. Your web hosting account is your apartment. Your website files are similar to everything you keep inside your apartment that makes it unique. Furniture, TV’s, art, all of that is what makes it special. Your domain name is like your apartment’s address. This is how people will find out where you live. This information is used for them to get to you.

Finding the right web host is important, but keep in mind that there is not one host that is right for everybody. However, there is a host out there that is right for you. Do not be afraid to research, and as always, make sure there is a money back guarantee in case it turns out the host is not what was advertised.