This post may be a bit redundant, and some of the information found here can be seen on other pages of my website. I think it’s important to hammer these things into as many minds as possible in hopes that I can sway at least one person into understanding how review websites work.

As you would expect, I am pretty heavily biased toward my website and my reviews. The reason being is that I try to be as forthcoming as possible about the companies that I review. My hope is to be able to steer people in the right direction when choosing a web hosting company.

You may be surprised to see iPage as one of my lowest rated hosts. Chances are that when doing your research you have come across nothing but stellar ratings for them on most other websites. The reason that this is the case is because the vast majority of review websites are not reviewing the hosts at all. Their rankings are based on how much the web host will pay them in commissions for sending sales their way.

This leads review websites to deceive visitors into thinking certain hosts are best because those hosts are paying them the most money. Of course, if you ask the review website owners this they will obviously say that their reviews are unbiased and completely independent. This, unfortunately, just isn’t true.

Another thing that always struck me as odd is that almost every review site isn’t hosted with the company that they claim to be the best host. In my experience the majority of hosting companies would gladly give a review site a free account to test out the product, so why not use this free account to host the website? It just doesn’t make sense.

The bottom line is that almost all of the web hosting reviews you will read are completely fabricated. The reviewer wants to make the host that pays them the most money sound the best. They stand to gain much more if you sign up for a host that pays them $200 a sale rather than $50.