I’ve gotten a couple of emails recently asking me what makes my reviews so much different than other ones that can be found when searching for a web hosting company. Most people are surprised to see iPage as one of my worst hosts when they are listed fairly high almost everywhere else, which is what makes a lot of people ask. The short of it is that my reviews aren’t influenced by commissions. The long of it is covered more in the How Affiliate Programs Work page.

Basically, the majority of review websites rank their web hosts by how much the host pays them. They have no incentive to tell you, the customer, how a host really is. Why put host A at the top of your rankings when host B will pay you twice as much for the spot?

The next question is why would I bother doing it otherwise? The reason is because I was part of the problem for the better part of a decade. Having been an affiliate manager I was constantly offering websites like mine a ton of money to put the company as high as they could. Now that I no longer work for any web hosting company I don’t want to be a part of that problem. It is what’s caused so many hosting companies to fail, whether it be not being able to afford the high commissions, or having to screw over the customer in order to pay the affiliates as much as they do.

I would rather have an honest, straightforward review of web hosting so that you aren’t stuck with a crappy company. It does me no good if I’m steering you in the wrong direction, and it certainly does you no good, either.