I understand the hesitancy to sign up with a newer web hosting company. You are naturally going to want a well established web host that has hundreds of thousands, if not millions of customers. That means they must be doing something right and your website will be safe with them. Truth be told, there are some downsides to signing up with an old host that you wouldn’t encounter with a newer company. There are some significant positives to going with a newer host that outweigh the possible negatives.

Newer Technology

Newer web hosting companies will have newer servers, plain and simple. We all know how fast computer technology progresses. Older web hosts don’t upgrade their servers as much as they should because they still work, just not as well as newer ones do. You’d think that hosts are always buying new servers for all of their new customers, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Customers cancel every day, and in order to fill the space that was once occupied by these cancelled accounts hosts will back fill their old servers. This leaves a good chance that you will be put on an older, outdated server, which is obviously not a problem with a newer host.

Less Customers to Support

Newer hosts simply don’t have the same amount of customers that older, more established hosts do. This means shorter hold times for you and a higher quality of support. Larger web hosting companies will have their support reps try to get through each call as quickly as possible and move on to the next in order to fulfill the need to get through the high volume. A smaller company with less support to provide will be able to spend more time with you.

Faster Websites

This is a product of both the above factors. With less customers to support and newer technology your website will be faster. Old hosts fill their servers to the brim in order to increase their profit margins. They know that they don’t have to provide the best service because they are already a well known company and can get by on name alone (*cough*GoDaddy*cough*). A newer host will have less customers on a given server because they have less customers to service.

Valuing Customers

New web hosting companies have to treat each customer as if they are their only one. Web hosting is a largely word-of-mouth run business. The smaller the company, the more impact one angry customer is going to have. If a larger company makes a customer angry they don’t have to worry about the negative effects. They will have a new customer fill their spot that day. A new host is going to still be growing its initial client base and relies on a good reputation from the customers to get new sign ups.

Of course, there are always possibilities of new hosting companies going out of business. I suggest making sure a company has been around for at least a year. This has given them enough time to build a decent client base, as well as have some 1 year account renewals come around. If customers are happy then they will renew, which means the host is (hopefully) going to be around for a while to come.